Day 1 – Sunday Jan. 14

God, we pray that those in authority will carry out their duties with mercy and justice.


Those in Authority (Officials and Civil Servants)


Mayor & Ottawa City Councillors

  • Pray that God will grant wisdom and courage to our mayor and city councillors.
  • Pray that they not be distracted from governing by the lure of money, power or fame.
  • May they always stand for what is right and faithfully serve those who have put their trust in them. (Ecclesiastes 8:1-5)


Courts, Judges

  • Pray that God gives wisdom to those who preside in our courts of justice.
  • Let all judges and those who work in our court system seek to preserve justice in a fair and impartial way according to God’s statutes. (Proverbs 2:6-8)


Police, Prison Officials

  • May God give them supernatural wisdom, insight and intelligence to uncover and lead them to people and organizations that are sources of wickedness, criminal activity and perpetration of evil in our cities.
  • May they have compassion, humility and skills to help people who need support and guidance
  • May they recover spiritually, emotionally and physically from traumatic events they encounter in their jobs