Friday Jan. 20

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Please pray for …

  • Those in Authority (Officials and Civil Servants)
    • First Responders (Police, firemen, ambulance)
      • Pray for safety for police, firemen and paramedics.
      • Pray that they will carry out their duties wisely and honourably.
      • Pray for their emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Community
    • Jails, prisons and detention centres
      • Pray that God will stir up His heart of compassion in each of us and send His Spirit to guide us as we reach out to those less fortunate. (Psalm 107:41)
      • Pray that God will restore our city to communities of safety, prosperity and hope.
      • Pray for salvation and encouragement for those caught in cycles of poverty, sickness, addiction, brokenness and despair.(Isaiah 58:12)
  • Families
    • Pray against sexual abuse and physical abuse in families.
    • Pray for healing and hope for those who have suffered from abuse in families.
  • Churches
    • Unity and working together of Church
      • Pray that God will heal any divisions that exist between pastors and their congregations, and between denominations.
      • Pray that our nation will see Christians united in love for one another and toward those whom God has come to save. (John 17:21)
      • Pray that the wall of separation between churches be shattered and broken.