Sunday Jan. 15

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Pray for …

  • Those in Authority (Officials and Civil Servants)
    • Mayor & Ottawa City Councillors
      • Pray that God will grant wisdom and courage to our mayor and city councillors.
      • Pray that they not be distracted from governing by the lure of money, power or fame.
  • Community
    • Pray that God will save and encourage those caught in cycles of poverty, sickness, addiction, brokenness and despair. (Isaiah 58:12)
    • Pray that refugees and recent immigrants will adjust well to our city and that they will find jobs.
  • Families
    • Pray for wholeness and healing in broken families.
    • Pray for husbands and wives to resolve their problems and not look to divorce as a solution.
  • Churches and Mercy Ministries
    • Pray for wisdom and provision of resources for those involved in caring for the poor and homeless.
    • Pray that God will stir up a heart of compassion in each of us and to guide us as we reach out to those less fortunate. (Psalm 107:41)