Thursday Jan. 19

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Please pray for …

  • Those in Authority (Officials and Civil Servants)
    • Principals, teachers, school boards
      • Pray that God give discernment, knowledge and wisdom as educators teach and nurture their students.
  • Community
    • Schools, Universities, Colleges
      • Pray that God will make our schools a place where our children can learn in physical, emotional and spiritual safety.
      • Pray for godly teachers who encourage them and are dedicated to them.
      • Pray that children receive the support systems at home and at school that would enable them to achieve great things in Jesus’ name. (Luke 6:40)
  • Families
    • Fathers, Mothers
      • Pray that the Lord bring absentee fathers to a faith and radical life-change. Let the character of Christ be clearly seen in the lives of all fathers. (Ephesians 6:4)
      • Pray that the Lord will refresh mothers in the honour of fulfilling the glory of motherhood; strengthen them with grace, wisdom, and love in serving their husbands and children;and help them reflect God’s own love and nurturing nature. (Proverbs 31:25-26, 28)
  • Churches
    • Pray against gossip, negative criticism, false expectations, unhealthy burdens, strife and weariness that will seek to invade our church family (Psalm 91:5-6, 11; Luke 10:19; Eph. 4: 17, 32-5:1).