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Looking For Ideas?

Here are some to get you started!

Ask a local small-business owner how you can pray for them, or the manager of your preferred grocery store.
Invite a friend for breakfast and pray for them.
Put on the “whole armour of God” (Ephesians 6:10-18) every morning.
Add to your daily routine a break at some point to take a daily bible verse from a devotional and pray it back to God as a personal prayer.
Pack a mini-van full of pray-ers, drive through your area and pray for what you see. Stop at special spots like schools, recreation/sports centres, parks, high-density housing areas, historic sites, dangerous intersections (use basic precautions!!)
Invite your youth on a midnight prayer-drive (see above) to their schools and any other gathering places that are popular with their friends. If you take more than one vehicle, gather together at the end to share what was sensed and prayed, and cap off with pizza.
Take a pic of what you’re praying for and Tweet it using #CityonourKnees @PrayOttawa
Pray for your City Councillor and their family by name– check out our resources page for more info.
Pray for other churches in your area of the city. Pray for their ministries into the community or other strengths that they carry.
Put up a map in your prayer space and mark the places you pray for.
Go with a couple of pray-ers to a local café. Pray quietly, with your eyes open, for the people there. Take your time and be open for whatever opportunities God brings across your path.
Instead of holding your prayer meeting at your church, plan ahead to split into groups of 2-3, and pray at different cafes/McDonalds etc as above. Then meet together for a debrief to share your impressions and opportunities.
If you have a Christian co-worker, ask them if they want to meet to pray for your workplace over a lunch-hour or before work starts.
If you have a Christian fellowship at your workplace, let them know about City on our Knees and offer to help plan a special prayer meeting that week.
Combine your regular prayer meeting with another church’s meeting, praying together for each other and for the city. Let it be an occasion for mutual encouragement.
Get your children involved by creating a special prayer box together at the start of the week, where you decorate the box together and everyone puts in a couple of prayers, each on a separate card (also decorated). Then invite the kids to get the box out each supper time and pull out a prayer to pray together.
Offer to pray for your children’s teacher and/or principal. If you are a pastor, consider visiting the schools in your area to ask how you can pray for them.
Ask your teen-aged kids how they think adults should be praying for the local community. Listen to their insights.
Ask a senior how they think we should be praying for the local community. Listen to their insights.
To go deeper, gather a team to set up meditative Prayer Stations in your church. Google “Prayer Stations” for ideas.
Collaborate with your worship team(s) to set up a “Ministry to Jesus” meeting, where the focus is not on asking but on giving Jesus worship and praise (as per the woman with the alabaster jar, Mark 14:3-9)